• Receiving MMS on a non-MMS mobile phone
    You will receive a notification via text message in your mobile phone that you have been sent an MMS message. The text message will contain the following information:
       · Mobile number of sender
       · Website address to open file
       · Username and password
    Simply log on to the web site ( and enter the information provided in your text message to view your MMS.

  • How to view your MMS
      · You can view the MMS message by entering the MMS Gallery website.
      · Type in your username and password then click on login. The Inbox page of     MMS Gallery will appear.
      · Once inside the Inbox page, the list of sent MMS messages could be viewed.
      · Click on the file or subject you want to view* and picture message will be
             * Note: RealOne Player software is required for you to view any MMS message.
  • How to download RealOne Player
    Upon clicking the file or subject of your choice, a notification may appear informing that RealOne Player is needed to view picture. RealOne Player is a software that enables you to view every major media format. When your PC does not have RealOne Player, a notification will appear after you click on the message you want to access. When this occurs the following procedures should be followed:
      · Click on “click here” for a direct link to free downloading of RealOne Player.
      · Once linked, click on RealOne Player to download.
            Step 1: Click on "Download the Free RealOne Player".
            Step 2: Click on Singapore as the location nearest you.
            Step 3: Save software on your computer.

            * Note: Depending on your connection speed, downloading time may vary.

            Step 4: After the downloading has finished, open the folder where you
                       saved the application and install the RealOne Player.
      · Once installation of software is complete, return to the MMS Gallery where     you may now view your MMS files.


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